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May 8

Brasserie Blanc

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You'll be pleased to hear that Brasserie Blanc's new menu is not a big departure – they continue to serve French cuisine with an emphasis on fresh ingredients simply cooked. It isn't a place where your taste-buds will be challenged by new and exciting flavours, but you will get a delicious, well-cooked French meal.

We started with bread and olives – the bread was warm and crusty; the butter perfectly soft; the olives sharp and earthy.  I tried Maman Blanc’s selection of salads, but my willpower soon evaporated and I skilfully swiped my companion’s cheese soufflé.  Crusty on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside with a gooey centre, it was absolutely delicious.  The walnuts, apple and apricots in which it sat gave a really tangy edge to the delicious cheesiness.  Apparently the salads were nice too.

Steaks retain pride of place on the new menu and it’s a devout red-meat-hater indeed who can resist them. We choose the sirloin with béarnaise sauce, and it proved a treat.  Not at all grainy and cooked exactly as ordered, it was the standard you’d expect from a pricier restaurant than the humble brasserie. The accompanying chips were blond and crispy, the green beans buttery and the special of side of the day, button mushrooms, were swimming in oniony oil.

The house red was serviceable, but if you’re a connoisseur it’s probably worth splashing out on something more special to complement the quality of the food.

For dessert, the chocolate and cherry millefeuille sounded like a winner, but clearly everyone else thought so too and it was already finished.  The lemon sponge took up the slack – hot, citrusy and delicious.  The creamy vanilla and pistachio ice-creams were put to shame by their chocolate companion – a rich, dark indulgence for the cocoa-lover.

I’m a fan of Brasserie Blanc.  The food is reliably tasty, the service excellent and there’s always a nice buzzy atmosphere. It’s such a dependable choice that sometimes you think you should try somewhere new.  But I’m pretty sure you’ll be back

Tip - We visited the St  Pauls location but feel that the Covent Garden restaurant is extra special.  Its roof terrace enjoys views over the piazza and is a great location for a first date. 

Written by Liz Mundy


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  1. M says:June 1st, 2013
  2. Lunched with 6 friends at the brasserie today starters were nice although order was mixed up and we were presented with more starters than we ordered. The so called award winning burger 2 of us had the misfortune to order was as dry as dirt and the patty was crispy on the outside as though refried. I mentionned it to the waiter who offered us coffee on the house. Very disappointed as we've had nice meals in the St Albans branch. Stay way from the award winning burger.
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