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Jul 1

Chilli Chutney, Waterloo

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After extensive travel throughout India the last place I thought I'd end up is Streatham! However, Chilli Chutney is certainly worth the trip.

The restaurant is modern and able to cater for groups, couples and individuals.  The service was impeccable and it’s quite clear that this place is popular with the local residents.  I can imagine it can get as busy and bustling as the restaurants I visited in Bangalore, Bombay and Delhi.  

The food is exceptional, but before you delve into the fodder get yourself a drink and enjoy the atmosphere, try the Mango Lassi: a sweet yogurt drink or one of the many Indian lagers that are a great accompaniment to a curry. The Shami Kebab comes highly recommend as a starter, alternatively the Panner is a good choice for the vegetarian, which is deep fried cheese.  
Above: The Restaurant @ Chilli Chutney 
All dishes on the menu are made fresh each day and can be cooked to taste so you don’t have to fret about your meal being too spicy; but beware if you order your meal hot as the chefs here are not shy in the chilli department. All dishes are accompanied by naan breads, the house speciality, baked traditionally in the Tandoor and served piping hot.
Above: Booths @ Chilli Chutney 
If you still have room and fancy a traditional Indian dessert to finish things off then try the Gajar Halwa, which is a combination of finely grated carrots and condensed milk, it’s absolutely delicious!   
Top Tip: If you can’t get down to Streatham make sure you check out Chilli Chutney Express in Waterloo and Allders of Croydon.
Chilli Chutney,
47 York Road,
London SE1 7NJ
Written by Sarah Hardy.
2 responses to "Chilli Chutney, Waterloo"
  1. DrJ says:May 4th, 2012
  2. This comment is in regards to the Waterloo location. Food was okay but this was the first time in my life where I was charged for food that I didn't order and couldn't get out of it. I ordered a curry and rice that came with a slice of tomato and a few grams of lettuce. I ate it thinking that the miniscule salad came with the meal at no extra charge but when I paid up I noticed that the server charged me an extra two GBP for the the meal. When I objected he pointed to the menu board and showed me where it said curry, rice and salad for 7.95, which is is about $13 (actually about $25 for the two of us, a ripoff of about $7). I figure that this is a scam that the server uses to sucker tourists like me. My advice; don't eat at this place or any other restaurant like it near the tourist attractions (this one is on the way from the tube station to the London Eye).
  1. Avtar says:August 1st, 2013
  2. Been here twice in two days. Avoid it folks. First time we had fish and chips as it was suppose to be on offer, only to pay the full retail price, not the offer price. The fish could have been used as a cricket bat. The second time was the all day breakfast, and had to wait ages. The waiter said he was on his own, but when I went in to ask how long we had to wait, two other guys come from out the back. Good trick I thought. On paying the bill, we got stiffed again. Only this time they said it was because we ate inn. I said we weren't charged yesterday, so the guy behind the counter pointed out a tiny sign that said a £1 charge per person would be made for dining in, and then knocked off £1, big deal. The food was edible but not very nice and the service was lapse too.
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