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Feb 11

Gourmet Burger Kitchen, St Pauls

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Sometimes in life you need to shy away from the gilt and the glamour and devour a good old fashioned burger. Well, there's nothing old fashioned about Gourmet Burger Kitchen, but there is a lot of good.

Should you be feeling in need of some traditional burger fare with none of the grease and sloppiness about it, then tap up Gourmet Burger Kitchen. The menu ranges from the sublime: avocado and bacon or garlic mayonnaise, to the downright strange in the form of a Kiwiburger. No, this doesn’t come complete with a slab of Kiwi fruit inside. This burger pays homage to the trio of New Zealanders who set up Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

This signature dish was recommended to me by a real Kiwi (again, a New Zealander and not a fruit) so I didn’t feel I was being had over in the Emperors New Clothes. The Kiwiburger houses no less than 7 ingredients in addition to the slab of 100% Aberdeen Angus Beef.
Beetroot, egg, pineapple, cheese, salad, mayonnaise and relish are jostled together to make a very strange combination indeed. But it is strangely delicious and when washed down with a thick Lime flavoured milkshake, makes for a memorable dinner.
The concept is a bit cafeteria style. Someone seats you and then you order your goodies at the counter.
There are about 30 Gourmet Burger Kitchen’s in London alone, but we visited the St Paul’s outlet, which sits in the shadow of the cathedral and gives food with a view.
Above: Eating Area @ Gourmet Burger Kitchen
Top Tip: Those with a healthy appetite might like to order a side of chips, which doesn’t come as part of the burger price. I certainly didn’t need the chips, but they were delicious all the same.


Gourmet Burger Kitchen,

Unit 4,

Condor House,

St Pauls Church Yard,

London, EC4M8AL




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