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Oct 29

Monsieur M, Shoreditch

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If you're partial to South East Asian food that sets your taste buds on fire then Monsieur M. on Old Street is the restaurant for you.

The ethos at Monsieur M. is all about serving fresh and healthy South East Asian food at very, very affordable prices. However, what makes this place stand out from the crowd is that everyday their chef goes to local markets to buy the freshest and finest ingredients and whatever he think looks good on the day.  

Above: The Bar @ Monsieur M. 

Because of this different approach to cooking, there are only three different main dishes a day to choose from, this could be a vegetarian option, fish, lamb, beef or whatever is looking the best option on that day. What I think is great about this system is that it means that you’re never bored of going back again on the second occasion. 
Monsieur M. is located in the former Shoreditch Town Hall building on Old Street and although the outside is very traditional, the inside most certainly is not. The restaurant has a contemporary design, with bright colours adorning the walls and tables set in just the right positions creating a buzzy vibe.
Above: Monsieur M. Makes For An Interesting Date Venue.
In fact one of the things that I truly loved about Monsieur M. is that the staff are so friendly and the service relaxed and impartial throughout the evening, that there was a great mixture of people, from couples to big groups and even people coming in to dine along with a good book or magazine.
To accompany the Thai food there’s the usual array of drinks, from wine to beer to spirits but Monsieur M. also prides itself on creating exciting smoothies and cocktails which are well worth a try. 
Top Tip: If you’re a city worker then Monsieur M. do fantastic take away versions of the day’s menu. For under £5 you can have a delicious lunch and if you are close by then they will even deliver to your offices if there’s more than one order.
Written by Natalie Nevard. 
Monsieur M.
380 Old St, 
London, EC1V 9LT

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