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Jul 16

Vino Volo, Philadelphia Airport

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It's a rare thing to be reviewing an airport food outlet. But when I stumbled across Vino Volo at Philadelphia Airport's terminal A, I simply had to write about it. I'm fairly used to finding some hidden gems, but this one blew me away.

Perhaps it is because the focus is on wine, which helps greatly when I’m reviewing anything, but Vino Volo is an impressive new concept in airport food and drink outlets. The focus is on flights of wine, which is a selection of 3 wines brought to you on a small tray to sample. It almost makes one glass of wine, but the chance to taste all three is an experience.

Vino Volo provide information about each wine you are tasting and the selections go a little something like this: World Value Reds, California Kings, Wine Club Selections, Shades of White and Whites with Attitude.
My friends went for Whites with Attitude, which at $17 gave them three small glasses of Sauvignon Blanc from Hess in the Napa Valley (usually $13 a glass), Chardonnay from Louis Latour (usually $19 a glass) and Chardonnay from Antinori Estate (usually $18 a glass). Fruitful and strength were two of the words they used while happily downing each one.
I chose the Tour de Rose, which at $16 was just what the doctor ordered before a night flight back to London. I slept soundly! I had a wonderful selection of rose wines, including one sparkling wine. The Pinot Nero-Chardonnay was delightfully light and a mid rose colour (usually $17 per glass), the Cinsault-Grenache from France was incredibly pale and light in taste – more of a blush wine really (usually $15). The Grenach-Syrah from Cote de Rhone was really dark and had a heavy taste but was still delicious (usually $16).
I paired my wines with some fabulous snack food. A selection of olives and toasted, salted almonds which were nice and sticky and roasted with rosemary were followed by the brie and prosciutto sandwich at $12. Fresh greens and fig jam melted altogether in my mouth – washed down by an impressive wine list.
The concept is well thought out. Vino Volo offers the chance to join its wine club, purchase wines directly from its website and if you want to try before you buy a case-load of their recommended vinos, then get to one of its 13 US airport locations. Why oh why isn't it in the UK yet?
Written by Lorna Strickland-Cook

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  1. Susan Gray says:January 14th, 2014
  2. When traveling thru Philadelphia aiport, my husband and I always make this our stop between flights. Dec. 2013 we stopped in to try their Truffle Penne and cCheese along with Roasted Tomato Soup. Our wines were the 2012 Malbec by Enrique Foster and 2012 Tempranillo by Jore Ordonez. All was delicious and pleasing to the palate. We highly recommend Vino Volo for both their wine selection and menu.
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